IT Support.

NY InfoTech’s Business-centric approach to Services enables our customers to harness the power of Technology, Manpower, Policy, and Process creating an IT Infrastructure that aligns with your Business Objectives. We focus on optimizing enterprises IT infrastructure and advising businesses to how best to use information technology to meet their business objectives.

NY InfoTech’s service-level driven delivery platform is based on pro-active IT Infrastructure Management that ensures maximum application availability and optimal performance for your infrastructure.

NY InfoTech’s Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services Include:

  • SLA-driven
  • Client portal
  • IT projects
  • IT Health checks

Our specialty or features

  • Patch Management
  • Regular Reporting
  • IT roadmaps

At NY InfoTech, we strive to provide our clients with Best in class Remote Infrastructure Management Services and follow established processes while executing such services.

Our expertise in handling customers across industries is a key factor in the services handled by its team. We subscribe to standard support methodologies and have been following stringent SLA requirements with our customers. NY InfoTech provides end to end autonomous support to its customers so they can leverage their skills on complex IT Infrastructure strategic goals.

  • Multivendor expertise to manage various applications and hardware
  • Off-shore delivery capability
  • 24x7x365 Service Model