Backup and Disaster recovery

Making A Backup Strategy, Call Us Now!!!!

Backups are foundational for today's IT environments. Having a robust, reliable, and managed backup plan can ensure the instant recoverability of your IT infrastructure.

Want a Bare Metal recovery Plan? Or a Server Restore with SSD backups? Or backup for your virtual environment, our backup experts are prepared to fulfill all your backup/restore needs. A backup in time could save nine.

Continuous data protection using Backups

Forget your woes about data loss and sleep well with a comprehensive backup plan and NY InfoTech’s backup experts being handling them for you

Our backup experts have great experience on various backup tools such as:

  • Acronis Backup and Recovery
  • Symantec Backup Exec
  • Mozzy Pro
  • Windows Backup
  • CommVault Backup
  • Veeam Backups

We have great past experience handling uphill tasks like:

  • Data Duplication
  • Synthetic backups
  • Exchange Granular Backups

Our expertise in handling Backup and Disaster recovery would surely minimize the business downtime.
Call us know! and have a backup plan ready which suits your needs.